Life Lessons From a Seven-Year-Old

Knowing what simple pleasures are! Knowing the value in the small things or recognizing the value in everyone can go very far. I admire the author of this blog because the main character didn’t need saving and wasn’t the idea student but had the idea heart.

It's The Little Things

A few months ago I returned from Zambia on a volunteer teaching program. I went there to teach kids in the community. But I came back home with the discovery that not only did I teach them, but they taught me. Many of us are so concerned about having the newest car, the latest technology, or the biggest house. In reality, none of these material things really matter. Not in the way that personal connections and relationships with others matter. I knew my last day of teaching at Holiday Club would be a tough one. Tough in the sense that it was sad to leave the kids and the school when I could already see each of them growing and learning more every day.

Hand Painting with Doreen

Today I want to share with you a little bit about a girl named Doreen. She was one of the students in the school I was teaching…

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