Data = Long Day

Today was LONG! I spent most of the day entering data. In fact, I had to drink a second cup of coffee to stay alert during this “necessary” step.

Sometimes it seems as if the actions of the volunteer are not important. I know I am the volunteer’s advocate. It is my job to ensure that the agency does not lose sight of the actions of the volunteer. It is my job to draw a connection between the numbers while highlighting volunteer action.

But today it is all about the DATA. The infuriating paperwork is proof of volunteer activity consequently proof of my job security so I’ll enter the data.

On another note I spoke to a wonderful new recruit. She was so excited about volunteering and you could tell it was genuine. You could hear her smiling over the telephone. It was during this moment I realized the paperwork is long but so are the hearts of the volunteers.

Until next time…..


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