Coffee, God’s Grace, and a Balloon

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit my sweet friend Lindsey. You can read some of her writing at her blog Life Abundantly.

Lindsey, who is ranked high on my admirable people list, invited me over for coffee and sweet treats. I knew that the afternoon would be special but I didn’t expect to experience a God Moment.

As we~two sweet gals at different points on this walk~ took a beautiful Mother’s Day afternoon to nurture and uplift each other. Of course we stuffed our mouths with yummy scones and fresh hot coffee. We allowed time to talk about pressing things such as the possibility of He who shall not be named becoming POTUS. We talked about race, forgiveness and even  finances :-).

As the evening approached we continued to watch her sweet children play effortlessly and innocently in the back yard our conversation shifted. It turned into a conversation about the unfailing love of Our God and Savior. It shifted to a conversation about Our Redeemer. She reminded me that the one thing troubling my heart, that dark thing was covered by God’s Grace. Proverbs 16:6a NIV says through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for.

So today I wanted to nurture you. I wanted to offer you soul fellowship. If your heart is heavy or filled with a dark cloud. Maybe you know Christ but isn’t sure if His Grace covers that sin. You know, the sin that causes tears to fall from your eyes at night. God’s Grace is enough! Here’s more truth.

As I started to prepare to leave, one of her sweet children told us to look up towards the sky. We turned our heads to the heavens as a balloon floated high across the sky. I watched as the balloon, probably from a child’s birthday, had no control of its final destination.  Honestly it didn’t matter of the final destination because the sky was enough to cover it no matter its journey.

I’m hear to nurture your heart because just as I am listening to “soul survivor’s One thing Remains~Jesus love never fails, gives up, or runs out on you\me. Nehemiah 9: NIV!

God’s Grace is enough!

Ephesians 2:10 “do good works”

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