#Premarriage Season

Today, I dropped by a friend’s home to chat. She and her husband just had their fourth child. We played catch up and talked about how baby number 4 is almost 1 month old. 

She’s been a mom of 4 for 1 month. It’s crazy to type and even crazier to think about. Seasons go by quickly and if we are not careful we can miss it by not being present. 

Anyways, you may be wondering why I chose to blog about this friend’s visit. I mean I visit friends’ homes all the time. Trust me. I’m going somewhere with this story. 

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. It’s an unusual time for me because I have lots of emotions around this time. Some are related to my mom, my adoption, and my other mom. Other emotions are related to life’s choices. Finally, I strongly desire life after this season, the Premarriage Season. 

Here’s the thing. I am a young unmarried woman in my 30’s. Often times I find myself dreaming of the day where I’ll have marriage, children, and a family. I tease my friends about getting me married off. Although I know it’s all in God’s timing I want to rush it. 

 I long for the responsibility of soothing little ones, making dinner, enjoying date nights, and hearing small feet walk across my wooden floor. Yes, I want children and wooden floors. You see? On Mother’s Day and days like today when I am visiting sweet friends in different seasons I find myself longing for days where I’m no longer in the Premarriage Season. 

Premarriage Season? You know this season. It’s the season where Paul says “it is good for the unmarried to stay unmarried” (1 Corinthians 7:8). However, I’m not sure Paul had family members counting down his biological clock. Anyways this season is the time where I can visit friends unannounced. I can eat my favorite meal without worrying about the opinions of someone else.

I long for the end of Premarriage season where I’ll cook dinner for more than one. I’ll have to do laundry more frequently and bath time will include kid friendly bubbles. I previously imagined that during the  next season my Mother’s Day won’t lead to these complex feelings but then I visited my friend. Now I’m not so sure. I’ll revisit that in another blog. Make sure to subscribe. 🙂

As I was visiting her I had an encounter that reminded me of the importance of embracing this Premarriage Season. Why? My friend’s third child, a sweet bubbly girl, asked to take a photo together. So I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick but fabulous picture of us. 

In that moment I realized how this season, the Premarriage Season is a good one. If I’m not careful I’ll find myself bypassing each day and missing the important moments in this season. It’s a season where if and when I’m present I can make a world of difference. 

It is not a season always filled  with little giggles, bubbles, hugs, and quick pics. Altho th they so occur quite frequently for me. I’m an aunt to many. 

It’s a season where I can serve faithfully in my church and my community. I can serve family and friends by being present during our visits. Family I’m working on getting better at this one. I tend to be a little to busy. 

Yes,  my Premarriage Season friends, this is a good season. It is a season to embrace. A season filled with precious moments. A season where a sweet girl can ask for a moment of my time. A season where a sweet girl can say “let’s take a pic”.

A season where we can Love God and Love People with no barriers. A good season! 


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