Jesus is the great example of Volunteerism

Up until recently I never gave much thought to Jesus as a volunteer. Do you blame me? He is Jesus, a deity. Why would I ever think of the Messiah as a “volunteer”? It is slightly ironic when you think about it. I am as passionate about Jesus as I am the people who choose to volunteer with my organization. However, the connection between Jesus and volunteers was not made until recently.

Last year, I was reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life and Rick made a shocking comparison of Jesus to individuals who commit their lives to a life of service. As I thought about the comparison I was blown away. Later, that day I sat down to write this post and couldn’t. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking and I was about to have a revelation but I never completed the post. In fact last year was challenging and so I didn’t write many posts at all.

Now, a year later, I’ve grown deeper in my relationship with Jesus and understanding of volunteers. As I’ve grown deeper in love with Jesus I’ve been able to see the beautiful connection of Jesus and volunteers. As some of you may not know I manage volunteers for a living. I’ve been doing this for nearly 7 years. It has become my passion. As my walk with Christ has grown I am beginning to understand the relationship between my purpose. So as I revisited this blog. I drew the connection and was ready to share this revelation.

Jesus, is a beautiful example, of volunteerism. He loved and sacrificed for us without our  first involvement (1 John 4:19 NLT).  In fact he is the greatest example of why I love managing volunteers.  Volunteers are selfless. Volunteers are willing to lay their lives down, at least for a few hours a month, for people they do not know and causes they support.

We live busy lives. Some of which is to better ourselves and our families. However we live in an inward-focused and self-driven world. It is challenging to donate time to causes that matter because of our busy lives. Yet, volunteers especially the people I manage do it because they can’t imagine not doing it. Would you believe me if I said we, all people, could choose to dig a little deeper to serve others? Did you know it is apart of our Christian identity? It is an characteristic of our bloodline. Jesus dug deep, surpass his deity, and humbled himself to enter this world and be the ultimate sacrifice (Hebrews 7:27-28 NLT).

We live in a world filled with filtered selfies and self-indulgent posts. Yet, we Christians are called to be “a city on a hill” “light of the world” are suppose to follow Jesus’ example. We are suppose to move the focus from us to Him. It is through our ability to give up our own ways where sacrifice is made for the sake of the cross (Matt 16:24 NLT).

Selflessness and self-denial is love language of volunteers, Christians, and Jesus. The ability to deny ourselves is in our blood-line and in our heritage.

Jesus is the greatest example of volunteerism and we, followers of Christ, are called to continue to the example by choosing to lay down our lives because “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13 NLT)

Thank you Jesus for being the Ultimate Volunteer.  

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