Proverbs 4:23

As I completed this evening’s devotional it started with this Proverb. It is a simple Proverb and I know what you are thinking “tell us what it says, girly”. Now under normal circumstances I’d put the scripture in quotes but not today. Today I want you to hear me loud and clear, “Go look up this Proverb. In fact pray and ask for revelation regarding the translation you need to hear. Yes, you heard me. Ask God for clarification on the translation”.

Translations are everything. You can read something especially a scripture in so many ways based on the translation. Let me explain. In fact can I be honest with you? I read this Proverb in 3 translations prior to writing to you. Each translation stood with me but the last version struck a chord in my heart. Maybe because it was a clear warning to my thought processes. Yes you heard me correctly. This was a clear warning to the thoughts I choose to think. Especially lately. Why?

Lately, I find I am traveling down a rabbit hole filled with negativity. I know we all have those moments but in the past few weeks one moment leads to me stating “today was bad or I need a glass of wine”. Yes I said wine but let’s not focus on the “wine”. Let’s focus on my decision to allow a moment to change my perception of the day I was blessed to see. The 24 hours I will never be able to have again and its interactions.

Have you ever had one of those moments? A moment so life altering you don’t remember the negative moment that led to the bad day. Now you are probably thinking life happens. Honesty, I’d agree until today’s translation of Proverbs 4:23.

Bless Solomon’s heart because he worked hard to ensure we understood that “your (our) life is shaped by your (our) thoughts”. So I am going to challenge you again. Ask God to reveal the translation you need. Read and determine how to avoid negative thoughts shaping your life.

Trust me I’ll be doing the same.



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