Leaving Empty

I live with Asthma. I’ve dealt with this illness my entire life. It is a hard feeling most days not being able to “catch my breath”. Earlier this year the doctor and I had a long conversation about quality of life, specifically my quality of life, and within that moment I decided that I have to leave this world on Empty.

However, what does it mean to leave on empty? It means all of my talents, gifts, and best qualities that are meant to enhance this world is left on the table. It meant that I walked away from a great career in hospice to transition into philanthropy. It meant choosing life over death. Yet, I didn’t realize by choosing to “catch my breath” I’d start the best journey of my life.

Choosing me over everything else was the best choice. My goal is to share this with you. To share with you how I chose to take dominion over my life and begin to live… In other words The Secret Life!

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