Leaders in Volunteer Services Welcome

Volunteer administration is a unique and diverse field. Every volunteer administrator I’ve met display amazing strength, drive, and desire to succeed. Y’all, volunteer administration is rewarding and challenging. It is hard work. The field changes because people leave for better pay, career mobility, and other rewards. Volunteer managers are expected to work in a field that isn’t even defined in the American 2000 Standard Occupational Classification System of jobs (Volunteer Administration Professional Practice 2013).

However we stay and fulfill job descriptions in volunteer leadership as administrators, community organizers, coordinators, directors, service-leaders, and managers of volunteers. Although our titles are defined as one word or the other our skill-set provide volunteers with services in fields such as human resources, development, education, marketing, and even IT. We are a diverse bunch in turns of academics. We choose to enter a field where on the job training is the expectation due to an ever changing field.

Naturally, if we choose to pursue a life-time career in volunteer management, we tend to work within our personal strengths and passions. Our inner drive and tenacity will lead to the success of our volunteer programs. The ability to lead and motivate unpaid individuals well while effectively meeting the demand of our organization makes this industry taxing but so rewarding.

Volunteer leaders are the face of community service and civic engagement. As a woman of faith I’ve decided to see this as my personal ministry. It is my way to create a legacy within the community. It is my way of being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is my greatest hope that this section will serve other volunteer administrators by being a place of refuge. I hope to communicate and sharpen tools-all rooted in faith-I’ve learn in hopes of helping others (friends in the industry) volunteer programs grow. (Proverbs 27:17 NLT As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.)

Volunteer Administrators and Leaders you are welcome here.